Sunday, July 25, 2010

Summer Vacation Part II

View from the room at Hotel 47
Moving on to the second leg of the summer vacation, destination Rome. This was monumental for several reasons. First trip abroad with E, and first trip abroad for me in years. If any who read this ever go to Rome, I can highly recommend Hotel 47, the service was impeccable, the rooms superb, the roof restaurant/bar awesome, and the view; perfect. 5 days in Rome, much was seen, the fountains, the Vatican, Castel St. Angelo, and much much more. Also it was nice and warm, 35 degrees on average which was not objectionable. Of course the Red Man does not bow to the heat, but from the two next pictures, the long lines did take its toll. Anyhew, great trip which merits a repeat.

I have been in this line for how long

It can´t be long now