Sunday, July 25, 2010

Summer Vacation Part III: Some marching and a book

In line with some feelings of camaraderie, I figured I would try another 40 km marching in Kongsberg to see if a little less hilly routes would feel better than the Trondheim-Værnes march. Had it not been for my slight miscalculation in weight, it might have gone easier. 16 kg was a bit much but doable. And mad props to E for trudging with me.=)
Around the tree.....
Sushi anyone!

So feet, check and cheque! So after this nice little walk, timely, the rest of the vacation  was spent in Kongsberg and cabin in South Norway. Great weather and food everyday! We ( T and E) made some incredible home made Sushi. Definitely restaurant worthy! And what of intellectual exploits? Well some computer gaming was in order on those rainy days (who are we kidding), but I did manage to get through 1 book which I can highly recommend. Hugh Dundas´autobiography, a fighter pilot in WWII, is entertaining, well written and spot on. I probably should have gotten through many more books but I imagine some poor Trondheim weather will facilitate that.

He did what!?

Summer Vacation Part II

View from the room at Hotel 47
Moving on to the second leg of the summer vacation, destination Rome. This was monumental for several reasons. First trip abroad with E, and first trip abroad for me in years. If any who read this ever go to Rome, I can highly recommend Hotel 47, the service was impeccable, the rooms superb, the roof restaurant/bar awesome, and the view; perfect. 5 days in Rome, much was seen, the fountains, the Vatican, Castel St. Angelo, and much much more. Also it was nice and warm, 35 degrees on average which was not objectionable. Of course the Red Man does not bow to the heat, but from the two next pictures, the long lines did take its toll. Anyhew, great trip which merits a repeat.

I have been in this line for how long

It can´t be long now

Friday, July 23, 2010

Summer Vacation Part 1

Some may have noticed the lack of blogging going on this past month, and it is without regret that I say, ´well you have to live to write´. So as my buss meanders through Drammen on its ostensibly well paved roads, I can safely put my time to blogging use. This summer started as most summers do, a trip to the homestead that is Kambo. And I have to give a lot of credit to my dear mom who made this homecoming a pleasant one, what with all the heavenly Mexican home cooking and all her and B´s help with the house, washing, painting, and so on. I finally got my tenants out, and it took no time at all to find a a new one. That thorn in my side aside, I could breathe a little easier.

Anyhew, I also had the opportunity to host a little BBQ for one of the classes. The weather notwithstanding I think it was a pretty good day. There is little better than the company of good friends, sharing some beer and good food. Like the saying goes, "and man hath no greater pleasure under the sun but to eat, drink and be merry". But so ends my short two weeks in Moss.I am actually on my way there as I write this but that is a story for another time=).

Expect Vacation Part 2 shortly!