Saturday, May 22, 2010

On Values and questionable ethics

There is no denying that on occasion, the universe is a fickle mistress with little regard for anybody but itself. Nevertheless, I live in the universe and feel privy to bend, twist and convolute reality into a version of what might have happened. I refer of course to a mishap concerning my brand new, somewhat pricey Mac laptop. It is the dawn of a new era and what happens, the universe causes minor collateral damage to it, through my hand and a 99,NOK Ikea lamp. You know the saying in physics about what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? Well the same holds through when an idiotic lack of force meets an inconceivable fragile and expensive object. After some soul searching I figured I would let the corporate world throw itself on this grenade, seeing as how much red tape there is and how often people have been screwed over by the man.

Short story short, Apple Inc folded on the river, with the result that apparently, you can fight city hall=)

Now, on to other matters. The year is coming to an end, well the school year, and the fledglings are off to greener pastured and eventually a new class will begin. All brimming with hopes and dreams and expectations. Well as for my future vocational options and ambitions, I think another year will be secured for me. Pending some organizational changes, which might be good or quite frankly a disaster. The universe is trying to say that "you can have it your way, but not really, there is always a catch, some fine print, a hitch, a bend in the road".