Thursday, February 18, 2010

Slow News Day

Been off the blogosphere for some time so figured it was time to post.

Nothing to write home about. Still wrestling with whether I should short change my next laptop purchase or go commercial for an ipad. Regardless, my current laptop is literally falling apart.

On the reading front I have again committed myself to another major book buy, which are for the most part for my self-development and work. But that never hurt anybody. Otherwise I am trying to get through the Cryptonomicon, a 900+ page novel recommended by one of my cadets, and though it is a superb piece of literature, I am a slow reader.

Otherwise my carreer has progressed a bit as I have been given the opportunity to be trained in a very specific type of language testing. After no further education the past 2 years, it is time to get back on the horse for an intermittent workshop. I think it is gonna be quite alright after the first few meetings.

Watching the Olympics has never been more exciting, but the media hype around some of our Norwegian competitors finds me hoping they crash and burn. But so far we seem to be heading for our, combined in the olympic games, 100th gold. Who will be the lucky one.?