Saturday, June 27, 2009

Moss bound

The packing has begun. Tomorrow I depart Trønderlag and arrive Østlandet. Back to the old house for 2 and a half weeks of reading, socializing and painting. Project patteo pool is a priority and must be completed ASAP because warm weather is expected. Although it is not intolerably warm, a little poolside chill out never hurt anyone.

I have to pack a lot of stuff I am only going to use for one evening but it has to come. Thank god for the new rucksack. With all the clothes I have found in the moving process it would have made sense to have some kind of surplus depot in Moss rather than giving it the ol' heave hoe.

I am trying to MacGyver an apparatus that will alow our plants to slowly receive water, so far no success. It is one of those things that sounds really good on paper, but in reality there are far too many variables, gravity and water pressure being the most prominent. I have settled to end the evening on a high note, a program about Gamma Ray Bursts.