Thursday, June 18, 2009

The summer trek is taking shape

In preparation for the summer vacation and the impending mountain hike, I have tirelessly searched for a pair of hiking boots. After reading many a review of the expert and layman kind, I finally came to the conclusion that I wanted a pair of Scarpa Mustang's. Although viciously overpriced in Norway, shipping and custom charges would have evened it out anyways. So I go down to the local mountaineering (and I use the term loosely) store to see what we can see. I try on several types and brands of shoes (yes I know no shame when it comes to testing the patience of store clerks), in various sizes of course. I finally fall upon these babies. It goes without saying that I stumbled (because the shoes didn't fit) upon the sizing dilemma I have with shoes. In this case, the female model's color was not that bad, in fact perhaps slightly better. As an added bonus to the purchase, perhaps because the seller felt I had somehow been emasculated by the having to settle on the female model (although they were just the right size), he threw in a pair of thick smart wool socks. So I can check that off my list of summer purchases.

On a totally different note, I will be continuing (with no hesitation from myself) my job in the area of winning hearts and minds but mostly teaching English for the future leaders of tomorrow. Every year I get better at my job, and hopefully this coming year will be legen------wait for it----DARY! So I plan to go above and beyond the call of duty in an effort to really do well. Now it just remains to be seen if a continuing great opportunity will suddenly become ideal. Like a wise woman once said, visualize and it will happen! To anyone who has never seen "Field of dreams", I recommend you do. Mental note to self: Never build a baseball field.

Flavour of the day: Cinnamon