Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thank god the Ipod isn't green or red,

So, I am on day 3 of yard work at the family's place in Moss. I am sporting my camelback, jamming to the ipod in the 30 degree heat. Life is essentially good. We have a fence, or rather a wall, running along the backyard seperating the property from the E6 highway. It's mostly to shield our ears from the noise. Now the other side of the fence is basically steep hill ending in a gorge-like area filled with underbrush. Your basic trees, bushes, poison ivy, insects of all kinds and the occasional wild cat. To put it succinctly, we simply do not go back over there, ever! But this little hellish gorge does serve one very useful purpose, as a dumping area for the excess plant growth in the garden. In the process of lugging tree branches up the ladder, one smaller branch caught hold of my Ipod. Now I didn't actually see it go flying with the branch over the wall, but I did see the headphones cord dangling with, to my surprise, no ipod attached. FML.

In this instance, I was thinking, "that did not just happen, ipod must still be in my pocket". It was not. Usually the wall has basically had a one way function. Whatever goes over it does not come back. As Stephen King-ish as that sounds, and this line of thought did not do much to help me, there was no way I would not leap over (carefully climb down) the 4 meter high wall. After 15 minutes in this off the grid area, Ipod was found and yard work could safely continue. I shudder to think how bad it would have been had the Ipod been green or red, as I can't tell those apart. Maybe Tine is right in her assessment that everything is usually better in pink.

On a brighter note, finished reading a book today, One Bullet Away by Nathaniel Fick. A must read for anybody interested in an accessible biography of a Marine Corps officer's education and experiences during the invasion of Iraq.