Sunday, June 6, 2010

Train as You Fight!

Sometimes you commit yourself to outrageous feats of endurance (others call it stupidity) without really knowing why. I choose to see it in the spirit of the Academy as testing your limits.
The Nijmegen March approaches, and although I am not attending this year, I have found where my limits are and intend on joining full force next year.

After 3 days of 20 km marching each over the span of 4 weeks, we concluded with a treacherous 40 km march from Trondheim to Stjørdal. A little bit hilly but overall quite a good stretch.

Start time 0420. Thanks to MG I could use his room for the night and have a little less distance to the starting area, which proved invaluable seeing as it took me exactly 40 minutes from wake up time to get breakfast, and get ready. With all that that implies I have over the past month learned the ancient and time honored knowledge of proper boot soles, proper socks, where to apply powder, salves and ointments and how to tape your feet. My hat off to our coordinator CWW. Also my hat unhesitatingly goes off to EMSB who really showed how much pain a soldier can be in and still walk through Hell (No seriously the local town is called Hell) without a complaint uttered. After 25 km I started to feel it a bit, but during the last 5 km the pressure pain started so now I am limping here and there, but hopefully like all bad things, this too shall pass.

This has been a new experience and I am confident with a few modifications I can and will complete Nijmegen next year with the best people!

Finish time: 1140