Tuesday, September 29, 2009

There are long work days and then there are long work days

I have to hand it to Tuesdays, they simply envelope you. Today was an especially long day at work. A little teaching, a little tutoring, a little more teaching and then, yes, a little more teaching. I love it to depths, but even so I think that the clockwork has to run smoothly. The little inconsistencies and discrepancies and quasi injustices are like rust in the cog works of the grandfather watch that is my day. Whether or not I try to de-rust the cogs is another matter, but every now and then the rust interferes and the seconds slow or skip. Sometimes time catches up and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes I tweak the clock, I adjust it, I forward time. Then the day moves forward. Sooner or later, I think some coke might do the trick.