Sunday, May 24, 2009

On boxes and other stuff I "might" need.

So I am trying to motivate myself to begin the big clean out. Before I can even think about what and how I will pack away my belongings, I first have to get rid of the crap I really should not be saving. If Oprah is any consolation on this point, it is that if you have to think more than two seconds if something should be kept or not, Now of course boxes would be perfect to stow my various collections of books, DVDs and generally trinkets of sentimental value (believe you me, it has gone way past the cute kitty post-card line). However, the first thing I needed to toss today was in fact, boxes. A testament to my power of purchase but despite that they should have been thrown years ago, not kept to be used for potential coffins for a failing shoe (yes still with the shoes).

Finally got to use my leatherman for something other than opening those new parcels to begin with. Aside from that the many papers stuffed in bags under my bed and in the rat-sized crawl-space between my closet and the ceiling of my den needed to be dealt with. I say rat-sized because lets face it, I am a pack rat. So these papers might as well have been papyrus belonging to some Pharaoh because relatively speaking I would not need to hang on to an essay I wrote on an exam 6 years ago. Interesting yes, but I would like to think I might reminisce, years from now, of something a bit more monumental, like an essay written 3 years ago. This is the king of logic that has created a pile of papers that would effectively kill any shredder (except maybe the industrial one at work, that one is wicked!).