Saturday, May 23, 2009

It's going to be Legen ----wait for it-----dary!!

After much contemplation and, needless to say, inspiration, I have decided I would begin blogging. The thought did obviously occur to me "Why blog, what to blog, and is this really in my best interest as I find myself almost too immersed in facebook already?". The old me would have thought of some very philosophical and justifiable reason for bloging, but the current curious square-eye will clearly follow the great philosopher Nike.

The actual fact of the matter is that I hardly have the time to do any "real" writing or "reading" anymore. You know, the real scholarly stuff that forces one to re-evaluate everything one sees and knows. So I am reduced to reading blogs, but far be it for me to condemn the blogousphere (If it is misspelled, I just coined a new word!). I am lately finding blogs quite enjoyable, barring they are well written of course. So for my literary relief and conduit, hello world! (or the two or three who might browse my blog from time to time)

After having thrown back a few at the bar, I find myself in need of a blog. So much so perhaps that it can be equated to the elation of a woman who has found (she thinks) the perfect pair of shoes. You know it will give immediate gratification, and that people will admire you for it, but the question will always linger........(you guessed it).....where will it take me?

As work slow trickles to a stop for this school year, I find myself wanting. Regrets, don't think so. Too much time on my hands, maybe. Looking out for my guys' best interest, definitely. Despite the lack of intensive workloads, I find myself still having some scraps on my plate, or rather morsels of labour hidden in between my sofa cushions, which seem to be slipping my mind. Procrastination, thou art a tricky little minx!